April/May 2021 – fully open and availability for new students at our Centre and online

| Centre News

We’re now fully re-open for tutoring at our Centre in St Ives. It’s a really busy half term with all the GCSE and A level assessments taking place and increasing numbers of  year 10, KS3 and primary students joining us to catch up and ensure they’re where the need to be by the end of the school year following an educationally very disruptive 12 months. We have also got spaces coming up for new students to join us as our GCSE students will all be finishing throughout this half term as they complete their assessments. Some of their spaces are already pre-booked but there will be availability towards the end of the half term so feel free to email or call us if you’ve got any concerns over your son/daughters progress in maths, English or science.

In addition to our Centre based tutoring in St Ives we will also continue to offer GCSE and A level maths and English tutoring online moving forward. The forced switch to online tutoring for several periods during the lockdowns has meant we have developed our systems to provide online tutoring. So instead of exclusively serving students within travelling distance of St Ives we are now able to offer online tutoring to GCSE and A level maths and English students nationwide. Please contact us for more details and availability.

Any queries about any aspect of our tutoring please just use our contact form, email or call us.