April/May 2024

| Centre News

Exam term again! Very best wishes to all of our exam students this year, year 6s with their SATs, some of the year 10s sitting their first GCSEs and all of our year 11 students doing their main block of exams. Revision and preparation are always the keys to success in exams and we’re working with our exam students to help them organise and focus their revision in order to ensure they’ve covered all the content, gone over the any harder topics they struggle with again and also fitted in plenty of exam practice.

Revision tip – take away the distractions:

Staring idly at a revision guide for an hour whilst listening to music is rarely an effective strategy, revision needs the brain to be active and fully focused to be really worthwhile, however hard, however boring! Turn off the TV and music! Lots of students think that reading a revision guide with either a TV or music on in the background is good revision – unfortunately for the vast majority it’s almost always the opposite. When any of us, adults or children, want to really learn and focus on something we need to remove as many distractions as we can and focus 100% on what we’re doing. So take the distractions away and get fully focused on the revision, it will pay off!