August/September 2020

| Centre News

We’re having a very busy August this year, with lots of students doing some tutoring over the summer holidays to help them to catch up with some of the learning they’ve missed during the lockdown and rest of the summer term. We’re not running lessons the final week of the holidays (week beginning Monday 31st August) to give everyone a break and allow us to prepare for the start of the new term.

We plan to open for the Autumn term on Monday 7th September and will continue all the covid-19 precautions that we have had in place since we re-opened on 1st July in order to try to ensure everyone is as safe as possible. Please do contact us for details of the precautions we are taking and procedures we have in place.

September is looking incredibly busy at the moment with lots of students of all ages wanting to join us to help catch up and get back on track for the new school year so do contact us as soon as possible if you’d like a space for you son/daughter.