GCSE results are out! Some amazing successess…..and re-take sessions in Sept and Oct for those that didn’t quite get what they needed….

| Centre News

GCSE results came out today, Thursday 23rd August and we’re absolutely delighted to hear some amazing success stories from our year 11 Maths, English and Science students, some really fantastic results. From students that have achieved the level 9 they really wanted through to students who needed to pass to get on their college course and managed to get that precious level 4 that means no retakes! Please see our Yell.com reviews at: https://www.yell.com/biz/st-ives-tutoring-centre-st-ives-4192180/#reviews .

For any students that haven’t achieved the Maths and English grades they needed however, and will be retaking, please contact us as soon as possible as we are running re-take sessions focusing on achieving that all-important pass through September and October in preparation for the November re-sits.