GCSEs and SATs are not far away – time for some revision!

| Centre News

Every year when the Easter holidays come round it seems to bring home the reality that GCSEs and SATs are really not far away now! As usual we’re running year 11 GCSE revision lessons during the Easter break. This year on Thursday 11th April.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting some revision tips, keep checking for updates!

Tip number 1.

Turn off the TV and music! Lots of students think that reading a revision guide with either a TV or music on in the background is good revision – unfortunately for the vast majority it’s almost always the opposite. When any of us, adults or children, want to really learn and focus on something we need to remove as many distractions as we can and focus 100% on what we’re doing. So take the distractions away and get focused is our revision tip number 1, check out tip number 2 next week!