Spring 2023 – here come exams again!

| Centre News

Spring is always one of the busiest times of the tutoring calendar in the run up to the phonics assessment for KS1 students, SATs for years 6 and GCSE exams for year 11 students. Alongside this we continue to work with students from all year groups helping to build their motivation and confidence, along with working to develop and strengthen any weaker areas they have in english, maths and/or science, and with some students we work to extend and develop their understanding as they are already doing well academically but want to do even better.

Whilst this time of year is incredibly busy we do run a waiting list, so if you think your son/daughter may benefit from tutoring do get in touch and if we can’t fit them in now, we will be able come June/July of this year when our exam students finish their tutoring prior to their final exams. Any queries please do call/email/pop in for a friendly chat!