Spring term 2022

| Centre News

First of all best wishes to all our students and their families for 2022! The spring term this year is busier than ever, due partly to all the Covid related disruption to education over the last two years. As a result we are fully booked for secondary tutoring this term but have a few slots for primary students available. We’re already taking reservations for our year 11 students spaces from year 10 students and below so they can start as soon as the year 11s finish in May/June. So if your son/daughter is secondary age and would benefit from some extra help with their maths, English or science do contact us so we can reserve them a space to start in the summer or autumn terms. Similarly primary students, if we can’t fit them in now we would aim to get them started in the summer term latest. As always, any queries about any aspect of our tutoring please do ring or email.