Summer holiday lessons – August 2018

| Centre News

As usual we are offering summer holiday lessons during August this year, lessons will be 10.30-11.50 am Tuesday and Thursday mornings, starting Tuesday 7th August and finishing Thursday 30th August. Students can work on Maths, English or a mix of both subjects during their lessons and sign up for as many or few lessons as fits in with your holiday plans! Summer holiday lessons are a great way to help keep children’s brains working over the summer (a teacher once told me that when her students come back in September they’ve often slipped back to where they were in May after they’ve spent July winding down for the summer and then had August off!). They’re also a good way to consolidate what children have learnt during the academic year and prepare them for the next one and all of our lessons are tailored specifically to each individual students needs. If you’d like any more information do please email/call.