Summer term 2022

| Centre News

Exam season! Very best wishes to all of our year 6s and year 11s as they sit their exams this term, exams they’ve worked towards, despite all the disruption to their education, for the last couple of years.

As a result of the exams this term we will have some primary spaces coming up for new students to join us when some of our year 6 SATs students finish their tutoring. We’ll also have plenty of spaces for secondary students as all of the year 11s leave after their exams. So if your son or daughter could do with some extra support to build their confidence, fill in gaps, catch up, challenge and extend their learning or start preparing for SATs, entrance exams or GCSEs just give us a call or send us an email. We have an extremely dedicated, experienced and supportive team of tutors who are all vastly experienced and fully qualified teachers. Our numbers are 01480 498899 or 07791 440029 and email [email protected].